Company Profile

Lunt Engineering is a TEAM of experienced professionals specializing in the production of telescope optics, software and mechanics.

We employ optical engineers, software engineers, and mechanical engineers, who design our products from the ground up.

We source our lenses, mirrors, and correctors from companies with international recognition, many of which have decades of experience with industrial applications, professional astronomy installations, and space organizations (satellite optics, spectrographs etc.).  We respond to the current needs of our clients by also offering upgrade services for older observatories, where we bring the optics, mechanics, and control software up to the latest cutting-edge technology.

Andrew Lunt

Andrew Lunt (CEO/Owner of Lunt Solar Systems and Lunt Engineering) has owned and operated several technical companies in the past. One of which being Beamline Technology Corp., which received an R&D top 100 award for development of Microfocus X-Ray Mirrors for Argonne National Labs (APS division) DOE

Among this institution are others that have procured Andrew Lunt’s resources and abilities:

  • SRRC, Government of Taiwan, ROC DOE (Department Of Energy)
  • Pohang Accelerator Facility, S. Korean Government DOE
  • Trieste Accelerator Facility, Italy
  • Brookhaven National Labs, USA DOE
  • Stanford LINAC, USA DOD
  • Berkeley Labs, USA DOE

Markus Ludes

Lunt Engineering’s resources also include Markus Ludes of APM Telescopes (co/owner of Lunt Engineering).

APM Telescopes is a manufacturing and sales facility located in Rehlingen, Germany. As a vested owner with Lunt Engineering, Markus Ludes provides over a decade of ultra-high end consumer and research grade observatory mounts, telescopes and facilities. A few of which are listed below:

  • 1 meter – Telescope Weihai Observatory, Shandong University at Weihai ( SDUW ), China
  • 1.2 meter – Azimuthal Telescope for The Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky in Ekaterinburg, Russia December
  • 1.2 meter – Telescope Trebur (Germany)
  • 80 cm – Ritchey Chretien Telescope Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology via UAB“IDD
  • 80 cm – Telescope of the Max Valier Observatory in Bozen (Italy)
  • 1 meter Telescope Taiwan LOT (Lulin One Meter Telescope) Optics, Control System and Software

With a combined experience of over 25 years, Lunt Engineering’s ability to facilitate effective project management, resource allocation, and technical information solidifies our ability to provide complete packages to the Astronomy community as well as government and education institutions.