Lunt Engineering Lander Series Tripods

High Quality Powered Portable Tripods for Astronomical Telescopes & Binoculars

Let Lunt Engineering Lander Series Tripods add a new dimension to your night sky observing session with automated height leveling and assistive technology.  Enjoy viewing from a standing or seated position without having to squat or stretch.  Our powered tripods are perfect for persons of all ages, heights, and disabilities.  You won’t believe how much easier it is to do outreach at star parties or public viewing sessions at schools, parks, or in your own backyard!  The Lander Series tripods are also helpful when switching between a Refractor, Cassegrain or a reflector telescope or when making adjustments to your working height during visual or astro-imaging sessions.

We manufacture three different tripods to suit your unique needs:

The Manual Lander – A manual, portable, heavy-duty tripod that weighs only 22 lb. but has a huge weight capacity of  220 lb.  The hydraulic legs, machined top plate, anti-vibration leveling feet, built-in holders for seven eyepieces, and an aluminum carry handle at the tripod’s center of gravity will entice you.  This is one of the most well-thought out tripods we’ve ever seen!

The Power Lander – A motorized version of the manual Lander.  The beauty of this tripod is in its ability to quickly and quietly adjust in height by 16 inches.  Raise it for taller persons or when your scope or binoculars are pointed at the zenith, and lower it for use when seated, etc.  The load capacity of the Power Lander is 200 lb., and it is still pretty portable, weighing in at 35 lb.

The Super Lander – If you have a larger telescope and mount system, the Super Lander can accommodate the load!  It has a capacity of 330 lb. for visual use (220 lb. is recommended for imaging), and just like the Power Lander, is motorized to raise and lower the pier column on the tripod by 16″.