Lunt Engineering 100 mm ED APO Large Format Binoculars


This two element air-spaced ED APO binocular is made for high power use. Using Chengdu CDGM FK61 glass and a large aperture of 100 mm, you are given the ability to view up to and beyond 100X with ease. This binocular is a true APO, offering superb color rendition and a high level of spherical correction.

The Lunt Engineering 100mm ED APO Binoculars are capable of splitting double stars and showing details on planets typical of a 4″ doublet ED APO, but the light gathering ability is increased two-fold due to the binocular design and the high quality broadband multi-coating.

These giant binoculars come with a set of 20mm eyepieces with a wide 70° field of view, for a magnification of 27.5X. It is easy to change out these eyepieces when you want to observe at different magnifications. The binoculars accept standard 1.25” eyepieces, which are seated in helical focusers that utilize brass compression rings to maintain a tightly centered view. The binocular mount allows the attachment of most dovetails, and a carry handle is included to make it easy to move and set-up.